Thursday, July 19, 2012

Travelling to England

Several years ago I had opportunity to participate Training Of Trainers on Project Management at RIPA (Royal Institute of Public Administration) in London, UK. During the vacation I used my free time to visit many beautiful places in England as I quoted below from my blogger friend.
Since childhood I love English language, which I have started to learn in a kindergarten. I read a lot about the history, architecture and nature of England. From all countries of the United Kingdom I love it most. And I don’t associate England with London, for me England is the lands with beautiful nature, unique medieval architecture with a touch of the culture of the ancient angles and celts.
Fans of Sherlock Holmes usually try to visit his apartment on Baker Street, and I dream to visit the places of actions of some of my fave stories: Devonshire (“The Hound of the Baskervilles”), Cornwall (“The Adventure of the Devil’s Foot”) and others.
Probably only the small provincial towns have preserved the atmosphere of IXX-XX centuries, which I dream to feel…
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Have a Nice and Happy Vacation in England !